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Wow! That's a lot of issues!

I'm a 4th gen fanatic/historian, so I would only be interested in issues from primarily '93-'02. I imagine there are issues from as early as '91 with spy shots of the 4th gen, but I don't know that for a fact. I also imagine almost all of the issues after '02 would have interesting content from the 4th generation as well.

I'm not sure when a SEMA article might have appeared, but I know these magazines had a tendency to have some of the best original content available.

I'd hate to break up your nearly complete 2nd set, because I'd just want to pick and choose from ones that I'd hope would have content I'd enjoy. I have a hand full of these (and unfortunately have sold several that I didn't want anymore without keeping track of what I have... or had), so I'd definitely end up making some awkward holes in your collection if I bought some of them.

4th Generation Camaro History
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What do you have that is 1993 related? I have materials related to the pace car and gen 4 as well.
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Interested in Camaro World magazine info. PM sent.
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