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1982 Camaro Festival Cars
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There is a list on this site that is labeled "Festival Cars". Downloading it gives a list of 44 cars and the last names of the person it was assigned. These cars listed were actually not the only Festival Cars, but these were the cars assigned the "500 Festival Associate Directors" which is a committee that plans a number of events associated with the race, such as the Festival Queen, marathon, parade, etc. Does anyone have a copy of the rest of the list? I do have the VINs of the eighty five Camaros used by track officials, local dignitaries, etc. but not the name to whom the car was assigned. The Indy List would also have the other cars used at the track such as the Chevy Celebrities and support vehicles. There may also be a mistake-I have car #7 last six as 127039, but have not seen 127029 as shown. The three cars with the "? not sure of digit" notation are actually the letter "X" for the check digit.

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Victory Lane
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Pretty sure I have the complete listing. Now finding it may be a different story.

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